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Andrew Heenan's Real Nurse Articles


Humur Home Page
Bumper Sticker
Coincidental RN
RN Dictionary
Doctor, Doctor
Ideopathic RN
Murphy's Nurses
True Stories
Nurse Writers
and cartoons by
Kaz, Nurstoon

Nurse Humor

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Murphy's Nurses

'What can go wrong, will go wrong' - Murphy's Law
as experienced - and reported - by nurses.

AnaComical Compliments

Share anatomy with the Object of Your Affection!

Nurses' Dictionary

An attempt to improve the "Medical Dictionary of the Internet" ...

Nursing Narratives

True stories from the Front Line of Nursing

Cartoons from Nurstoon

A selection of nursing strips and cartoons

Cartoons by Kaz

A selection of nursing and health humor.

Doctor, Doctor ...

A selection of classic jokes. Only the best, of course ....

Ideopathic Jokes

Jokes Without A Cause. A collection of nurse-related humour
without a place to go. Donations gratefully received.

Coincidental Nurse

Accidents of history ... or accidents waiting to happen?
Nurses whose names give away too much.

Nurse Bumper Stickers

Real - or imagined - slogan seen on nurses' cars. Possibly.

Nurse Writer of the Year

Nominations for the Grand Prize (15 Minutes of Fame).
Names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

Life On The Frontline:

True Stories

"I couldn't have made it up if I tried!"

Labour in Lah-Lah Land

Compiled through the generosity of members of nursing newsgroups - and others. Contributors own the copyright for their items, the collection is © Andrew Heenan & - the pages may be copied for any nursing related purpose, but please include a reference to the source.  Contributions welcome!

Almost the only collection of "Nursing Jokes" that do not depend largely on sexism and Miss Nightingale (tho there are some iffy moments!)


  Copyright Note - I didn't write most of these - but I have kept all the correspondence; the individuals own their contributions, and I assert my rights over the collections. As always, I am happy for these pages to be republished elsewhere - Subject to the simple condition that credit is given, and your page links directly to the page you've copied. It's not much to ask; but woe betide the meanies: We Always Persecute

The Original Nurse Humour Compilations © 1997 - 2005 A. Heenan

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