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Coincidental Nurses

Nurses whose names give away a tad too much

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Blue buttonMy good friend Marion used to work with a colorectal nurse called Craig Backway. She assures me that he's changed his specialty. Wise move, Craig.
Blue buttonTina Dye went to nursing school in Creston Iowa - and that's fine. But we heard she was looking at working in mental health. With suicidal people.
Eliza Katherine Gallagher works in Emergency. her friends call her Kate, but when she initials a chart, she's "EKG".
... and Darcy Tuttle regularly signs charts with her initials - DDT
The head of the nurse bank for Wells Hospital in Somerset was Sister Plaster - not bad for someone whose job was papering over the cracks in the service.
Sister Pauline Iles works at Castle Hill Hospital - my source doesn't say if her friends call her "P" - or if she works in surgery.
If your name was Diana, and you worked in Emergency ... would you let people call you "Di"?
Isobel Risk, who teaches the HIV module in Scotland, signs off as I. Risk
An Accident and Emergency Department in Birmingham boasts a Nurse Payne
Nurse Hacker scrubs regularly in a London Operating Department
Sister De'Ath walks the corridors of a hospice in Victoria
Does Annie Beaver still work in Obstetrics in New York?
Mrs. Ake, a retired RN, was a specialist nurse in rheumatology
Kathy Foley was the head of the Catheter Insertion Team (back when they had those in the old days).
Dr Hui (pronounced "Wee") was a urologist whose wife, a nurse, worked as his office manager. Her name was Pi (pronounced "Pee"). Nurse Cox worked for a different team.
Chris Feely always favoured complementary therapies - especially therapeutic massage, while Nurse Fang was more at home with Cosmetic Surgery.
Ed worked with a nurse, who was a nun, whose last name was Fuchs. He did not know how to pronounce her name - so he asked. And he wanted to die.
Mary Slaughter could never get a post on the Surgical Unit, and Nurse Cutts was never the 'First Pick' Midwife.
Sister Smallbones ran an orthopaedic ward in Stevenage.
Sharon Ward - when she gets promoted - will be Sr. Ward.
RN Melina works on the Endoscopy Unit (or did I make that up?) and Nurse Nurse - she goes where she's sent!

And finally: You've met the Coincidental Nurses - but have you heard about their medical equivalents?

There is a Neurologist in St. Louis MO named Dr Richard Head, and Denise assures me that Dr. Weiner has selected a career in Urology, While Blytheville AR has a Dr. Yao, who is an orthopedic surgeon.

There is a cardiologist working in a hospital in Zwollee, Netherlands, who's surname is Enema. Maybe he should have chosen a different line of work. Luckily, not many Dutch people know what the English word enema means ...

There is an orthopedic specialist in Southwestern Iowa named Dr. Bonebreak.

There is an orthopaedic surgeon working at St James's Hospital in Leeds who rejoices in the name of Mr Limb - and a Urologist in Bedford ... Mr Waterfall

In Cairns, Australia there are Dr Carette, a gynaecologist and Dr Splatt - a urologist. And they were submitted by Nurse Truelove!

This one is from Surrey, BC; Canada. The lab technician is taking a blood sample. She says to Mary Stone, "I've never drawn blood from a Stone before".

And finally, the doctor who worked in palliative care ... Dr. Gonna

*No more Doctors please - but more coincidental nurses gratefully received


Compiled through the generosity of members of nursing newsgroups and visitors to RealNurse.  

Thanks to:   Marion Beer, Cindy Ward, Jennifer Surface, Steph, Marc Reumer, Eliza Katherine, Darcy Tuttle, Gallagher, James Davis, Sheila Howar, Kate Truelove, 123, Anne Cherry, Denise, Kevin Murphy, Karen Hawker, S, Sheila Morris, Cleggett, Joanna Deane, Bobby Hosein, Kirstie, Fred Smith, Margaret Uyeda, Pam, Ramblin On, NursCM, Jackie, Marcy, Janet, Mungo, Edward Tabor, For Jax



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