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Bumper stickers

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nurses-you can't live with them

Nurses - You Can't Live Without Them

Night Nurses Do It In The Dark

Night Nurses Do It In The Dark

Nurses call the shots

Nurses Call The Shots

Nurses do it standing up

Nurses Do It Standing Up

Nurses do it with care

Nurses Do It With Care

Love a nurse PRN

Love A Nurse - PRN

Doctors save lives ... nurses save doctors

Doctors Save Lives - Nurses save Doctors

Doctors cure - nurses care

Doctors Cure - Nurses Care

Nurses do it with gloves on

Nurses Do It With Gloves On

Nurses do it 24/7

Nurses Do It 24 / 7

Nurses do it with universal precautions

Nurses Do It With Universal Precautions

Nurses watch

Nurses Watch

Nurses make it better

Nurses Make It Better

Nurses do it with patience

Nurses Do It With Patience

Real nurses don't eat quiche ...

Real Nurses Don't eat Quiche - They'd rather Have Chocolate, Please

Real nurses don't eat quiche ... 2

Real Nurses Don't eat Quiche - Or Anything Else Until Their Shift Is Over

Two certainties in life

Two certainties In Life - One's Death, The Other's A Nurse

Nurses are here tosave your ass

Nurses Are Here To Save Your Ass - Not Kiss It

Images may be downloaded, used as you wish (so long as it's legal!).
Real Nurse does not sell stickers - we just show pictures!

Note: inclusion here in no way suggests that a particular slogan is 'approved' by Real Nurse - or anyone else. Some are here just as reminders of the tackiness of the Human Race, others just seemed like a good idea at the time.


Contributions Are Welcome - at a newsgroup near you, or see below.

Compiled through the generosity of members of nursing newsgroups and visitors to RealNurse.  

Thanks to Jackie - for starting it - and also ... Matthew Higgs, Mike Roth, Ceri Lunn, Sam Malone, Merilee and Les, Dave, Paul Canning, Teresag, Wendie Howland, Paul Canning (again), Guarnot, For Jax, Kurt Ullman

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