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The Care of Wounds: A Guide for Nurses

by Carol Dealey

The management of wounds is becoming increasingly complex with the constantly expanding range of wound management products and technologies. This text provides an essential resource in effective and efficient wound-care management.

Wound Care: A Handbook for Community Nurses

by Joy Rainey

The day-to-day responsibility for wound management is a role usually undertaken by nurses. It includes assessing the wound, selecting an appropriate treatment, and evaluating the patients' progress.

Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy!

by Springhouse

This book discusses the fundamentals of wound care, including skin anatomy and physiology, causes of wounds, and wound healing. Wound classification and assessment are covered, along with detailed instruction in wound care procedures.

Clinical Guide to Wound Care

by Thomas Hess

Expanded and completely updated with the newest wound care products, this handbook is the only all in one portable guide to wound care and prevention strategies with more than 300 dressings, drugs, and other products for every type of wound.

Wound Care Nursing: A Patient-Centred Approach

by Sue Bale, Vanessa Jones

Assuming little or no specialist knowledge of wound care, this book introduces the reader to a nursing framework for wound care, which focuses on the patient and their nursing care, rather than simply on the wound. Both students and practicing nurses in hospitals and the community will find this book an informative textbook and a stimulating reference for critical evaluation of practice. For wound care specialists, it will provide an invaluable source for teaching.

Wound Care Essentials: Practice Principles


This comprehensive yet concise wound care handbook was written by two outstanding wound care specialists, with contributions from more than 15 well-respected experts in the field. All aspects of wound care are covered: wound healing, wound assessment, and treatment options for all types of wounds. There is an emphasis on nutrition and quality of life for patients with chronic wounds, and a full chapter is devoted to pain associated with wounds and wound care. The legal and regulatory aspects associated with skin integrity are explored. The unusual wounds that result from malignant ulcers, vasculitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, and calciphylaxis are covered, as well as the wound care needs of special population groups.

Chronic Wound Care: A Problem Based Learning Approach

by Moya Morison, et al

A problem-based learning approach is used in this new book new wound care. The book is a valuable resource whether the approach taken is teaching the subject as 'pure' PBL, a hybrid approach, or where a more traditional approach is being taken.

Quick Reference to Wound Care

Lord Brown

Brown, a clinical specialist for wound and ostomy care at St. Joseph-Baptist Hospital, and Maloy, manager of the wound center at Battle Creek Health Care System, present practical information on wound and ostomy care and outline steps for assessing, documenting, and treating common wound types. Includes step-by-step procedures, case studies.

A-Z Dictionary of Wound Care

Fiona Collins, Sylvie Hampton, Richard White

This is a sound text on all aspects of wound care and management. Laid out in dictionary format, it pulls together a lot of the terminology around wound care, and has several pages of quality colour photos of a lot of wounds, focusing particularly on leg ulcers and pressure sores. Recommended as a reference text for all levels of experience.

The Royal Marsden Hospital Handbook of Wound Management in Cancer Care

Wayne Naylor, Diane Laverty, Jane Mallett

"The handbook is well constructed and is a comprehensive resource for clinicians in cancer and palliative care settings. " - Journal of Wound Care This easy-to-read book ... is a handy size for use in every day clinical practice' - European Journal of Cancer Care.

Quick Reference to Wound Care

Pamela Brown, Donna Oddo, Julie Phelps Maloy

Shows health care professionals how to provide optimal wound care in the most cost-effective manner possible. Covers the most common wound types and outlines how to assess, document, and treat them. Offers step-by-step procedures illustrated with b&w and color photos, and case studies of difficult scenarios.

Nurse's Clinical Guide to Wound Care

by Cathy Thomas Hess

This reference aims to help nurses choose the most effective wound care products for their patients. Profiles describe more than 140 products arranged by generic product type and trade name. Actions, indications, conrtrainidcations, application and supply are all covered for each product.

Basic Principles of Wound Care

M. Mulder, N. Small, Y. Botma, L. Ziady, J. MacKenzie

Nursing, physiotherapy, medical students and others involved in caring for patients now have a comprehensively written guide to specialising in wound care. This text gives full coverage to all aspects of caring for wounds from the anatomy and physiology of the skin to the specialist treatment of wounds in diabetics and patients suffering from burns. In addition to be a detailed and comprehensive textbook for students, its current content, liberally illustrated with diagrams and tables to aid understanding, lends itself to being a handy reference to those training in the emergency services, pharmacists and others in the medical industry.

Wound Care: A Collaborative Practice Manual for Physical Therapists and Nurses

Barbara M. Bates-Jensen, Carrie Sussman

The new edition is an evidence-based tool for both physical therapists and nurses in multiple settings, including acute care, outpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, and home care. It provides basic and advanced information on wound healing and therapies, and emphasizes clinical decision-making. FEATURES: Coverage of Stage I pressure ulcer definition, new wound care products, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel's Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing (PUSH) tool, and new pressure ulcer monitoring by the CDC New chapters have been added on nutrition assessment, management of the recalcitrant wound and advanced therapies, management of skin and nails, management of malignant wounds and fistulas, and ultraviolet light and wound healing. New sections have been added on vacuum-assisted wound closure, warm-up therapy, growth factors, and skin substitutes.

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