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PeriOperative Nursing

Including a selection of medical, anesthesia and related titles

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The Care of Wounds:
A Guide for Nurses

Carol Dealey

Four Stars

The fourth edition of this successful clinical text continues to reflect current research and evidence based practice, while incorporating the considerable developments which have occurred in wound care practice since the publication of the previous edition. Superbly illustrated with full colour illustrations throughout, Examines best practice in wound management Incorporates national and international clinical guidelines where applicable

Anaesthetic and Perioperative Complications

K. Valchanov (Author, Ed), S. T. Webb, J. Sturgess (Eds)

Leading experts combine the detailed clinical management of common and important anaesthetic and perioperative complications with discussion of the key philosophical, ethical and medico-legal issues that arise with assessing a medical complication.

Critical Care Management of the Obese Patient

Ali El Solh

Provides health professionals with sound clinical advice on management of the obese patient admitted into hospital. It addresses all aspects of the patient′s care, as well as serving as a resource to facilitate the management of services, use of clinical information, and negotiation of ethical issues that occur in intensive care.

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts & Practice

S. C. DeWit, C. K. Kumagai

The clear, concise, and cutting-edge medical-surgical nursing content in this 2nd Edition provides the solid foundation you need to succeed as a new nurse. It builds on the fundamentals of nursing and covers roles, settings, health care trends, all body systems and their disorders, emergency and disaster management, and mental health nursing.

Collaborative Care of the Facial Injury Patient

Vivek Shetty, Grant N. Marshall

This issue of "Perioperative Nursing Clinics", Guest Edited by Vivek Shetty and Grant Marshall, will focus on Collaborative Care of the Facial Injury Patient, with topics such as: Psychosocial issues; Substance Use and Injury; Intimate Partner Violence, and Barriers to Collaborative Care.

Focus on Adult Health: Medical-Surgical Nursing

Linda Honan Pellico


Manual of Fast Track Recovery for Colorectal Surgery

Nader Francis, Robin H. Kennedy , Olle Ljungqvist , Monty G. Mythen (Auth/Eds)

a broad overview on enhanced recovery, with expert opinions from leaders in the field regarding elements of enhanced recovery care that are generic and specific to colorectal surgery.

Surgical Intensive Care Medicine

J. M. O'Donnell, F. E. Nácul (Eds)

Specifically designed to be a practical reference for medical students and house officers to help manage the critically ill surgical patient.

Just the FACTS101 e-Study Guide for: Essentials of Perioperative Nursing

Cynthia Spry

Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Penetrating Trauma: A Practical Guide on Operative Technique and Peri-Operative Management

George C. Velmahos, Elias Degiannis, Dietrich Doll (Editors)

The book is not intended to serve as a comprehensive volume of pathophysiology and management in trauma; rather the goal is to provide practical solutions on how to treat injuries surgically. It describes the steps that you must take when confronted with devastating bleeding!

Day Case Surgery

Ian Smith, Douglas McWhinnie, Ian Jackson (Editors)

This concise handbook provides the practising day surgery professional with a modern overview of current practice to act as both a reference and a practical guide to everyday challenges.

Gerioperative Nursing Care: Principles and Practices in Surgical Care of the Older Adult

Dr Raelene V Shippee-Rice, Susan J Fetzer, Jennifer V Long


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Perioperative Nursing Clinics

Debbie Hickman Mathis

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with topics including: The role of interruptions in the OR; Surgical site infections; Special considerations for history and physical for plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive patients; History and assessment requirement for ambulatory plastic and reconstructive surgery; and, Skin assessment.

A Textbook of Perioperative Care

Woodhead and Wicker's text will be the foremost reference source for all perioperative practitioners. This  text is unique in its' approach to focus on the principles of perioperative care in a wide variety of different surgical environments.

Principles of Perioperative Practice

Martin Hind, Paul Wicker's practical look at the multifaceted role of the perioperative nurse. Basing their reflections on experience, the authors of each chapter take the reader through the main issues influencing perioperative practice today.

Perioperative Care, Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Intensive Care

Important underlying principles are well summarised in a section on 'Homeostasis', although some prior knowledge would be essential. Detailed sections span techniques of sedation and anaesthesia, complications and ITU support ...

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine

Straightforward but comprehensive one-stop reference and should be essential reading for all medical and allied health care professionals who encounter ethicolegal problems during their management of patients.

Perioperative Practice: Fundamentals of Homeostasis

Chapters include human body and principles of homeostasis; the surgical approach and endoscopic procedures; perioperative influences on body fluid homeostasis; perioperative influences on immunological homeostasis and wound healing; ... and more

Perioperative Patient Care: The Nursing Perspective

Julia A. Kneedler, Gwen H. Dodge

Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery

Robert M. Bojar's fourth edition remains the gold standard for management of adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery.


Advancing Perioperative Practice

M. Radford, Melanie Oakley, Bernadette County

Handbook of Perioperative Care in General Thoracic Surgery

Jean Deslauriers and Reza John Mehran's portable reference explores common perioperative problems encountered in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Well illustrated and concise; easy access to critical information needed before, during, and after thoracic surgery.

Manual of Perioperative Care in Cardiac Surgery

Robert M. Bojar, Richard M. Bojar (Editor), Kenneth G. Warner (Editor)

The third edition of this hugely successful book

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