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Nutrition Nursing

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Fluids and Electrolytes: A Practical Approach

by John C. Lee (Hardcover)

A new edition of the text written primarily for nursing students presenting the principles of fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. The volume introduces fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance and imbalance, focusing on 10 specific elements such as potassium and calcium, and developing the techniques and procedures for maintenance of fluid and ...

Healing Nutrition

(Nurse as Healer Series)

by Lynn Keegan (Paperback)

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Tube Feeding: Practical Guidelines and Nursing Protocols

by Peggy Guenter (Paperback)

Provides information on how to care for patients receiving enteral nutrition. Complication prevention guides, b&w illustrations and photos, Internet resources, patient education materials, formula definitions, and information about medications are provided in a quick reference format. Contains chapters on enteral nutrition basics and feeding access

Public Health Nutrition

by Barrie M. Margetts (Paperback)

Public health nutrition as a subject is growing immensely in importance, taking into account the real potential to reduce the burden of non-communicable chronic disease through diet. Professionals in nutrition, dietetics, food science, medicine, community health care and many related health care areas will all find much of great use within the book's covers.

Clinical Physiology of Acid-base and Electrolyte Disorders

by Burton Rose (Paperback)

This text presents the core information to understand renal and electrolyte physiology, and reviews the treatment rationale for all major acid-base and electrolyte disturbances. The entire text is exhaustively revised, and now includes questions and answers in each chapter.

Fox and Cameron's Food Science, Nutrition and Health

by Michael E.J. Lean (Paperback)

The seventh edition of this classic book has been entirely revised and updated by one of the leading professors of human nutrition in the UK. In a clear and easy-to-read style, the book ranges from food microbiology and technology, to healthy eating and clinical nutrition. It also tackles biochemistry and makes the chemical nature of all the important food groups accessible.

The Importance of Food and Mealtimes in Dementia Care

by Aase-Marit Nygard (Paperback)

The book considers the social significance of mealtimes and their role in maintaining patients' feelings of social attachment and well-being as well as the impact of the symptoms of dementia on food and mealtimes. It also explores different types of residential care and how they can make mealtimes a focus of activity for patients. Finally, the author discusses practical implementation strategies, considering interdisciplinary collaboration, organization of staff and residents, and staff participation and conduct at mealtimes.

Clinical Nutrition

(The Nutrition Society Textbook)

by Marinos Elia (Paperback)

Focuses solely on the sick and metabolically compromised patient. It deals with clinical nutrition on a system by system basis. Covering the scientific basis underlying nutritional support, medical ethics and nutritional counselling, the text ends with illustrative clinical case histories.

Nutrition Almanac

by John D. Kirschmann (Paperback)

Easy-to-use health information offering reliable information on the latest scientific discoveries, and numerous handy charts and tables, this brand new edition of the Nutrition Almanac makes it so easy for you to find the facts you need for good health. It's your best buy for healthy living!

Nutrition Counseling and Communication Skills

by Katharine Curry (Paperback)

Offers a practical, hands-on approach to nutrition counselling and communication based upon a theoretical model of counselling. Its problem-solving system teaches the reader how to effectively motivate a client to develop a healthy diet and/or solve medical nutrition problems.

Pocket Guide to Nutrition and Dietetics

by Sarah E. Byrom (Paperback)

This clinical book contains the data most frequently used by dietitians and others in practice and is invaluable for dietetic students during their clinical placements. Both practical and comprehensive, data is readily accessible from clearly set out tables, clear diagrams and tabbed sections. Also there are appendices, including the nutritional compositions of foods, a weaning guide, a guide to religious influences on diet, useful addresses for relevant organisations and web sites.

Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy

by Springhouse (Hardcover)

Now in its third edition, "Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy!" presents this difficult topic in a fun, interesting, and easy-to-understand manner. This informative and indispensable reference reviews fundamental information about fluids, electrolytes, and acid-base balance...

Exercise Physiology

by William D. McArdle (Hardcover)

Integrates the basic concepts and relevant scientific information to provide a foundation for understanding nutrition, energy transfer, and exercise training. This new edition continues to provide excellent coverage of exercise physiology, uniting the topics of physical conditioning, sports nutrition, body composition, weight control, and more. Every chapter has been fully revised and updated.

Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

by Eileen Behan (Paperback)

"Doctors, health visitors, midwives all nag you to eat well and keep up your breastmilk production in your first few weeks, but no one checks up on you when you're several months on, and perhaps even back at work. Yet, these are the moments when you're most likely to slacken your vigilance. That's why this book is so important. It explains why you need to eat so much, and yet, why you need to eat the right things, too. I have really picked up my energy levels since following Behan's advice, and have continued to fit better and better into my old jeans. A fantastic reference book that encourages you just when you're flagging." - Mum review!

Human Nutrition 11th edition

by Catherine Geissler (Paperback)

Written and edited by a renowned team of international experts to ensure authoritative coverage and a global perspective, this is an authoritative, comprehensive textbook on nutrition for all those working in the field of nutrition and other health sciences, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. This new edition has been completely revised to provide a concise, up-to-date, textbook that covers all aspects of nutrition.

An Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism

by David A. Bender (Paperback)

The third edition of this leading textbook explains and explores the science underlying the interactions between diet and health, and the basis for current dietary goals and recommendations. It also provides a concise and authoritative description of the biochemistry that is essential to an understanding of the functions of nutrients and the importance of diet and nutrition for health and disease. The discussion is illustrated by clear and simple diagrams.

Introduction to Human Nutrition

by Hester H. Vorster (Paperback)

...this well-written textbook is an exciting introductory nutrition text to suit undergraduates on many degree and vocational courses. - British Journal of Nutrition

a powerful introductory human nutrition textbook that will also prove useful as an excellent reference text. - Nutrition Bulletin

Breastfeeding Special Care Babies

by Sandra Lang (Paperback)

This is a comprehensive and practical guide to all aspects of breastfeeding babies with special care needs. The language is clear and direct and the references up to date. The basics of breastfeeding and lactation, positioning and attachment, milk supply, the impact of common drugs, as well as breast conditions and problems and their resolution. Also feeding the vulnerable baby and alternative methods of feeding.

Nutrition: A Health Promotion Approach

by Geoff Webb (Paperback)

Covers all aspects of nutrition including nutritional epidemiology, social aspects of nutrition, and food safety as well as food as a source of energy and essential nutrients. Its focus is on nutrition in industrialised countries, where nutritional deficiencies are less of an issue than the role of diet in causing and preventing chronic disease and maintaining good health throughout the life cycle. Plus a new section on health promotion theory.

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