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Florence Nightingale
& History of Nursing

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Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not

(Hardcover) by Florence Nightingale

5 stars

Notes on Nursing is regarded as nursing's first textbook. An ideal gift for anyone in nursing, this special edition contains the original text in its entirety with commentaries by 12 prominent nursing theorists. Beautifully bound with marbled end pages, gilded edges, and a ribbon book marker.

Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not

(Paperback) by Florence Nightingale

5 stars

"This wonderful book should be required reading for anyone in the healthcare field. It is a sad reminder of how little we have done to maintain her work ethics, especially with regard to cleanliness, ventilation, and wholistic treatment of the infirm. It is striking how people of this modern age think their thoughts are so "cutting edge" and "innovative". Read this book and you will see Florence was thinking it long before they thought it." - Wilmadane (Macon,GA, U.S.A.)

Florence Nightingale

(Paperback) by Emma Fischel, Peter Kent

4 stars

Florence Nightingale tells the story of how this Victorian woman defied her family and friends to take up the unpopular profession of nursing and changed the way hospitals were run.

Florence Nightingale

(Hardcover) by L. Lethbridge

Born into a wealthy family, Florence Nightingale could have lived a life of leisure and luxury. Instead she longed to be a nurse. In 1830, that was the last thing a rich girl could do - but Florence was no ordinary girl. Ages 7-11.

Florence Nightingale

(Hardcover) by Stewart Ross

An introduction to Florence Nightingale developed to support units in the History Schemes of Work. Using a "how do we know" approach it encourages comparisons between different periods. Notes to parents and teachers provide background information and ideas for activities.

Florence Nightingale: Avenging Angel

(Paperback) by Hugh Small

Florence Nightingale achieved fame for her leadership of a group of British nurses during the Crimean War. After the war, she dedicated herself to promoting public health. This book provides a new explanation for Nightingale''s actions.'

The Life of Florence Nightingale

(Paperback) by Liz Gogerly

A simple and attractive title on this popular topic ... to help budding historians get a genuine feel for a particular era.

Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War

(Paperback) by Jane Shuter

This is one of a number of books that ask how we know about prominent individuals and events. Each book in the series begins with a narrative that gives background details. This is then backed up by the presentation of historical evidence.

Florence Nightingale

(Paperback) by Richard Tames

Part of a biographical series which uses photographs and narrative to show the life and work of notable men and women and their effect on today's world, this title explores the story of Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, her fight to challenge people's attitudes towards women, and her innovative approach to nursing the sick.

Cassandra: An Essay

(Paperback) by Florence Nightingale, Myra Stark

In her nineteenth-century essay, Florence Nightingale speaks out against the imposed restrictions, idleness, and triviality that characterized the life of Victorian women.

The Private Life of Florence Nightingale

(Paperback) by Richard Gordon

She was emotional, she was vain, she was incomparable. She had a genius for rubbing noses into facts right in front of them. She had infinite capability and little tenderness. Her antiseptic ghost today haunts every sickbed in the world, to which she was Britain's most valuable and useful gift.' This harsh and gritty story does little to perpetuate the myth of the gentle lady of the lamp. Instead, it lays bare the truth of this complex and chilling character.

Florence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy

(Paperback) by Monica E. Baly

Based on research into the records of the Nightingale Fund and how it was used to finance various experiments in nursing and midwifery training in the 19th century, this work traces the development of nurse training. It also discusses the problems that beset a fledgling profession, covering such areas as the demands of scientific medicine, the emancipation of women and the growth of women's education.

Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp

(Paperback) by Charlotte Moore

"Remarkably informative and lots of fun, these excellent little books pack a big punch." - Philip Ardagh

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale: Florence Nightingale's European Travels

(Hardcover) by Lynn McDonald (Editor)

This seventh volume consists of letters, observations, and notes, beginning with a family journey when she was a teenager. It includes annotations she made on opera libretti and her winter in Rome (1847-48) which were so important in shaping her liberal politics and support for independence movements. Her letters and notes from Greece and central Europe in 1850, and her Kaiserswerth stay in 1851, reveal her developing ideas on social reform, as well as her first professional training. Includes letters and observations from her excursions to Scotland, Ireland, and all over England. Many of the letters will be new to Nightingale scholars.

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale: Florence Nightingale on Public Health Care

(Hardcover) by Lynn McDonald (Editor)

This sixth volume reports Nightingale's accomplishments in the development of a public health care system based on health promotion and disease prevention. Public Health Care includes a critical edition of Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes, papers on mortality in aboriginal schools and hospitals, and on rural health. It reports on Nightingale's bringing professional nursing into workhouse infirmaries. Includes letters and notes from specific diseases to germ theory, and relates some of her own extensive work as a nurse practitioner.

Florence Nightingale's Spiritual Journey: Biblical Annotations, Sermons and Journal Notes

(Hardcover) by Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is widely known as the heroine of the Crimean War and the founder of the modern profession of nursing. She was also a scholar and political activist who wrote and worked assiduously on many reform causes for more than forty years.

Florence Nightingale on Mysticism and Eastern Religions

(Hardcover) by Florence Nightingale, Gerard Vallee (Editor)

Mysticism and Eastern Religions, the fourth volume in the Collected Works and the third on Nightingale's religion, begins with Nightingale's Notes on Devotional Authors of the Middle Ages, comments on the medieval mystics who nourished her own life of faith. Next, her comments on the Imitation of Christ. Includes her Letters from Egypt, written 1849-50, a significant period in her own intellectual and spiritual development. The last section reports Nightingale's correspondence and journal notes on Eastern religions, mainly Hinduism.

Florence Nightingale on Society and Politics, Philosophy, Science, Education and Literature

(Hardcover) by Lynn McDonald (Editor)

Nightingale's work on the methodology of social science and her views on social reform. There is material on medical statistics, the census, pauperism and Poor Law reform, the need for income security measures and better housing, on crime, gender and the family. Nightingale's condemnation of Plato's 'community of wives', with her stirring approval of love (even outside marriage!), marriage and the family. Her views on natural science, education and literature are reported. Correspondence with Queen Victoria, W E Gladstone and J S Mill. Nightingale's support of the vote for women is here shown. Correspondence and notes on British general elections from 1834 to 1900 is reported.

Florence Nightingale To Her Nurses

(Paperback) by Florence Nightingale

Addresses To Probationers And Nurses Of The Nightingale School At St. Thomas's Hospital 1915.

Florence Nightingale

(Paperback) by John Malam

Brand new in paperback with a great new cover, this book tells the astounding story of the pioneering nurse who accepted the invitation to care for soldiers in the Crimean War, and who transformed nursing into the skilled and highly trained profession it is today. Simple text is supported by a superb array of photographs, making this an ideal introduction to the story of Florence Nightingale.

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