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Emergency Nursing


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Rapid Response to Everyday Emergencies: A Nurse's Guide (Paperback)


Emergency Care and First Aid for Nurses: A Practical Guide (Paperback)

Philip Jevon

Accident and Emergency X-Rays Made Easy (Paperback)

James D. Begg

4 stars

Acute Medical Emergencies (Paperback)

Richard Harrison; Lynda Daly

5 stars

Trauma Care: Initial Assessment and Management in the Emergency Department

Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses - Paperback

Elaine Cole (Editor)

Accident & Emergency: Theory and Practice (Paperback)

Brian Dolan, Lynda Holt

Accident and Emergency Nursing (Paperback)

Stuart Toulson

Trauma Junkie: Memoirs of an Emergency Flight Nurse

Janice Hudson

The Nurse Practitioner: Real-world Research in A & E Nursing

Brian Dolan

Burn Care and Therapy

Gretchen Carrougher

Burn Care Therapy provides a comprehensive analysis of the care and treatment of burns. Beginning with the Physiologic Response to Cutaneous Burn Injury and ending with Burn Prevention, the book is divided into 21 chapters that chronologically follow the care provided throughout the burn continuum. Authored by burn experts in their areas of specialty, a collaborative approach is used.

The Survival Nurse: Running an Emergency Nursing Station Under Adverse Conditions

Ragnar Benson

It is the survival nurse who provides extended long-term care as well as the dozens of related activities that support the healing process under less-than-ideal conditions. This book tackles the many issues that every serious survival nursing program must face. The "big five" considerations of survival nursing; must-have supplies; tricks for handling the mountains of laundry; how to maintain a low profile and why; how to sew up wounds, pull teeth, deliver babies and provide physical therapy under primitive conditions ...

Nursing Care of the Burn-injured Patient

Rita Trofino

Coping with Multisystem Complications

William Kelly (Editor)

Detailed explanations of how major disorders interact when they occur in the same patient. Discussions for each disorder cover anatomy and physiology, causes, expected assessment findings, diagnostic test results, nursing and medical interventions, and patient teaching. Understandable explanations of underlying pathophysiology and specific nursing care are provided for each combination of disorders.

Nursing Practice Related to Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders: A Core Curriculum

A. Nelson

The Guideline Handbook for Acute Nursing Care

Thomas W. Barkley, Charlene M. Myers, Thomas W. Barkley Jr

A comprehensive, easy-access clinical reference features guidelines for managing over 230 of the most common conditions experienced by adult patients in acute care. Using an outline format, the coverage of each condition includes an overview with defining terms, incidence/predisposing factors, subjective and physical exam findings, diagnostic tests, and management strategies. Includes nutritional considerations, fluid/electrolyte imbalances, shock, and trauma.

Clinical Guide to Wound Care

Cathy Thomas Hess

The is the new Fourth Edition of the only all in one portable guide to wound care, healing strategies, and wound care products. Illustrated profiles of more than 250 products: trade name, product category, forms, action, indications, contra-indications, application, and removal are included as well.

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Barbara J. Daly (Editor)

This book describes the emerging role of the nurse practitioner in the acutre care hospital setting. It also provides guidelines for educators involved in starting Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) programmes, for administrators considering hiring ACNPs, and for ACNPs themselves as they prepare for practice.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist Role in Critical Care

Anna Gawlinski, Leslie S. Kern

An authoritative new resource that presents practical applications and strategies for successful practice as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Using critical care as a model, this book completely defines the implementation of the CNS role in the rapidly changing health care delivery system. Major theoretical concepts, relevant research and literature as well as the real situations CNSs face in typical critical care areas are presented , so readers will see how theory and research are integrated into practice.

Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department

M E Miller


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