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Real Nurse welcomes articles!

But please read the whole page before you submit your work!

Real Nurse Articles are Essays In Nursing or Essays on Nursing Related Topics - usually derived from the Author's experience, they are not necessarily Evidence Based, and are published to assist in reflection and to suggest alternative avenues - they cannot be complete answers to your questions.

Real Nurse does not necessarily agree with any views expressed, which are the Author's views.

RealNurse is an open access publisher. This means that anyone may re-publish your work, subject the conditons outlined here.

Terms and Conditions.

  1. No fees are charged for downloading - or paid to authors.
  2. Copyright exists - and belongs to the author, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Articles may be sent as attachments; preferably as DOC or HTML files. The work may be reformatted to conform with the site design, and typos may be corrected - but substantially, they will be published as submitted..
  4. Any Real Nurse article republished anywhere, in any form, must include full author details (as found on the page), including (where appropriate) active hypertext links, and this condition must be passed on with the article
  5. Publishers are encouraged to inform authors of further publication.
  6. Users who do not observe these terms are in breach of copyright, and may be charged the appropriate fees, or face civil court action.

Guide For Contributors

  1. Articles should be nursing-related, and of interest to readers of this web site
  2. The article should be at least 500 words.
  3. A final paragraph should provide author information, and may include one active link and / or one email address for contact, if desired.
  4. The article should be sent as plain text, DOC or HTML file.
  5. The article - or a note in the accompanying email - should include a statement of authorship, and confirmation that you own the copyright - or are otherwise permitted to give Real Nurse license to publish it.
  6. Email your article to the address at the foot of the page.

Final Note and Warning

  1. Real Nurse was not born yesterday, and will not publish the following:
  2. Articles from people who say "I loved your site" when they meant "I want to use your site for spam".
  3. Articles that have been published elsewhere.
  4. Articles written by idiots who know nothing about nursing
  5. Articles which contain content that is obvious / boring / insulting to nurses.

Andrew Heenan is a Nurse, Journalist and Web Editor. Enquiries via the email address at the foot of the page.

Real Nurse Articles may be reproduced for personal use, copied and distributed, or republished elsewhere - provided the above author details are included, and this condition is passed to all users. Publishers are asked to inform the author of publication. Details

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