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Author - Andrew Heenan

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Unless otherwise stated, everything on this site was written by RGN RMN BA(Hons).

You can see my details here.

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Site Principles

This is a professional site, and we take that seriously.

Legal Notices

Privacy Policy: RealNurse will not pass on email addresses or any other information to any third party. While correspondence is kept in secure files, email addresses or any personal information submitted to us is not used in any way. This assurance is in addition to your legal rights. More ...


Copyright matters: I do not expect payment for use of any of this material (c'mon!), and I am happy to admit that I have shamelessly borrowed from all over the web. But I created this page and worked into the night to edit the material and put it all together, and I assert whatever rights I have.

I have no objection to my stuff being used by others, but you must credit me as author. Any abuse or misuse of my material may result in action against your site, which may include (but is not limited to) removal of your site by your host, removal of your site from search engine results.

In other words ... If you do copy any or all of it, you must give me due credit, and provide a live link to:

RealNurse accepts no liability whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage caused or arising directly or indirectly in connection with the contents of this website except to the extent that such liability cannot be excepted by law. So there.

A Bit of History

I first started a links page in 1997, when I was very new to the web. I soon realised that many were doing the same thing, and some were doing it much, much better In particular, Rod Ward's "Nursing and Health Care Resources on the Net" convinced me that there was little point in continuing.

Then, a few months ago, Rod became involved in a project which aimed to provide a 'peer reviewed' directory of websites.

That's fine, of course, and there's plenty of room for more structured sites. But my gut feeling, and this was shared by many on the newsgroups, not to mention Rod's thousands of visitors, was that it would be tragic, if not criminal, for such a great resource to die.

I thought about it; I kept an eye on the newsgroups ... nothing was happening. So I determined that if I wanted it done - I'd have to do it. So I did. And while I ruffled some feathers in the way I did it (That's another story), this site continues the great tradition started by Rod: an Open Resource for Nurses, Midwives and associated professionals.

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Andrew Heenan is a Nurse, Journalist and Web Editor. Enquiries via the email address at the foot of the page.

Real Nurse Articles may be reproduced for personal use, copied and distributed, or republished elsewhere - provided the above author details are included, and this condition is passed to all users. Publishers are asked to inform the author of publication. Details


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