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This site aims to be a resource for clinical nurses; information, a book shop (where we've done some of the searching for you), and, perhaps most important, a site that brings you quality nursing humour, supplied, almost all, by nurses for nurses.

Target Audience

The Target Audience of this site is clinical nurses; that is, niurses who actually deal first hand with patients. There may be items of interest to managers, edicators and other people - but clinical nurses are who we're here for.

Medical Advice

The site does not offer any Medical Advice - but just to be clear, nothing on this site should be assumed to be Medical Advice, nor a substitute for Medical Advice. If you need Medical Advice, then see a doctor, as soon as practically possible.


I'm intending to update the site monthly, approximately. I can check all the links in one half hour with Xenu's Link Sleuth, and there's usually some 5-10 sites moved, changed or gone. New sites are added as I update.

Criteria for Listing

Broadly, any working, professional site aimed at a clinical nursing audience will be listed. I make no judgements about professional content, but I am familiar with my target audience!

Other sites will be considered, but these will be subject to assessment: despite not being 'for nurses', is there sufficient there to make them a useful resource?

Some sites will probably not be listed. But this is for a variety of common sense reasons; I make no decisions about how useful or 'good' your site is.

I stick firmly to sites which are directly of interest to clinical nurses.
  • I'll not include corporate sites, not of practical use to my visitors.
  • I do not include sites that choose to include music or other heavy downloads
  • I do not include sites that choose to include pop-up boxes, which it slow down browsing for many people, and is very annoying.
  • No site which appears to be an affiliate of a site which is already listed.
  • The site must be working properly. Failure may be a technical fault or (all too often these days) overdesign.
  • No sites whose URL forwards to another.
  • I do not have the resources to assess non-English sites.
  • Business sites should includes contact details, clearly visible or directly linked from the front page: email, post address (box number is not sufficient).and telephone.
  • Submissions must include a web site address !!
  • Due to our limited resources, I regret we only list national and international resources.
  • I do not list sites where essential information is only supplied on registration - I would advise people never to register until they know what they are going to get!
  • Sites where the primary aim is scams, schemes, Multi Level Marketing or an excess of affiliations. There's a balance.
  • Sites using "comet cursor" or other intrusive software.

Advertising Policy

Advertisements and affiliate schemes contribute toward the costs of this site. Buttons or Banners may be displayed above a horizontal line at the top of the page, or below a full-width horizontal line at the foot.

All 'exchange', affiliate or paid-for advertisements are labelled "advertisement".

Advertisers have no say or influence on the content of the site; similarly we have no control over the content of advertisements (though in the even of a legitimate complaint, we would bar any problem advertisers). These rules are toavoid any real or perceived or possible conflict of interest.

For example: Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google ads content and our editorial content is free of any commercial influence.

The site is affiliated to Amazon, whose banners and search boxes appear in the BookShop. The affiliation is clearly stated.

Rules and RateCard

Andrew Heenan 

PS I'm happy to discuss any of this.

RealNurse accepts no liability whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage caused or arising directly or indirectly in connection with the contents of this website except to the extent that such liability cannot be excepted by law. So there.

If you have found this useful, please consider a link from your site


Andrew Heenan is a Nurse, Journalist and Web Editor. Enquiries via the email address at the foot of the page.

Real Nurse Articles may be reproduced for personal use, copied and distributed, or republished elsewhere - provided the above author details are included, and this condition is passed to all users. Publishers are asked to inform the author of publication. Details


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