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The Drug Tariff:

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Topical Negative Pressure Systems on the Drug Tariff

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**Please Note: The Real Nurse Articles on Wound Care & The Drug Tariff are no longer updated; these are 2011 archived versions.

Author: Andrew Heenan RGN RMN BA(Hons)

This article features the topical negative pressure devices available on the Drug Tariff

Topical Negative Pressure System Accessories



Avance Round Drain £9.50
Avance Transparent Film £5.95
Avance Y Connector £2.65
Renasys Y Connector £3.10
Renasys Port Foam Dressing Kit Port £9.31
T.R.A.C Sensa Pad £10.47
T.R.A.C. Y Connector £2.99
V.A.C. Drape £8.97
V.A.C. Gel

Venturi Adhesive Gel Patches (pack of 5)
Venturi Y Connector (pack of 5) £15.00
  WoundASSIST TNP Gel Strip


Wound Dressing Pack


Avance dressing kit

Small £19.00
Medium £22.00
Large £26.00
Foam with Mepitel Small £21.77
Medium £27.97
Large £37.94
Gauze Small £15.50
Medium £19.50
Large £25.00

Exsu-Fast Kits

Kit 1small wounds with low exudate£28.04
Kit 2large wounds with heavy exudate£35.83
Kit 3large wounds with low to medium exudate£35.83
Kit 4small wounds with heavy exudate£28.04

Renasys Kits



Foam dressing kit with port

Small £19.49
Medium £22.64
Large £26.85
Extra Large £45.28
Renasys G dressing kit Round Drain Small £16.64
Flat Drain Small £16.64
Channel Drain Medium £20.86
Flat Drain Medium £20.86
Round Drain Large £26.48
Flat Drain Large £26.48

V.A.C. dressing kit

GranuFoam dressing kit Small £21.73
Medium £25.87


GranuFoam Bridge dressing kit   £30.63
GranuFoam Silver dressing kit with SensaT.R.A.C Small £31.86
Medium £36.96
Simplace dressing kit Small £25.43
Medium £29.23
WhiteFoam dressing Small £10.18
Large £16.29
WhiteFoam dressing kit Small £24.77
Large £32.06

Venturi Wound Sealing Kit

Flat DrainStandard£15.00
Flat DrainLarge£17.50
Channel Drain


Channel Drain Small/Medium £20.81
  Medium/Large £23.85
Wound PackSmall/Medium £20.81
Medium/Large £23.85
  Extra Large £34.05

Wound Drainage Collection Device

Wound Drainage Collection Device

ActiV.A.C. Canister with Gel300ml £26.91
Avance canister & Tubing kit with solidifier 300ml £19.00
800ml £25.00
Renasys Go canister kit with solidifier 300ml £18.77
750ml £25.88
S-canister with solidifier 250ml £19.00
V.A.C. Freedom Canister with gel 300ml £27.58
V1sta Canister Kit with solidifier 250ml £19.15
800ml £21.27
Venturi Canister Kit with solidifier £12.50
Venturi Compact Canister Kit   £12.50
WoundASSIST TNP 500ml£20.00


1. Prescription Pricing Authority, Department of Health. Drug Tariff. London: The Stationery Office, June 2011.

Article Updated: June 2011

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