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Capillary Action Dressings
on the Drug Tariff

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**Please Note: The Real Nurse Articles on Wound Care & The Drug Tariff are no longer updated; these are 2011 archived versions.

Author: Andrew Heenan RGN RMN BA(Hons)

This article includes capillary action dressings included in the Drug Tariff [1]. Proprietary names are included for convenience.

Capillary Action Absorbent Wound Dressing

Capillary Action Absorbent Wound Dressing
Product Size Price
5cm x 7.5cm 57p
10cm x 10cm 88p
10cm x 15cm 119p
15cm x 20cm 157p
Advadraw Spiral
0.5cm x 40cm 82p
Cerdak Aerocloth
5cm x 5cm137p
5cm x 10cm194p
Cerdak Aerofilm
5cm x 5cm151p
5cm x 10cm207p
Cerdak Basic
5cm x 5cm70p
10cm x 10cm156p
10cm x 15cm208p
5cm x 15cm 155p
10cm x 10cm 161p
10cm x 20cm 268p
Sumar Lite 5cm x 5cm 93p
10cm x 10cm159p
10cm x 15cm212p
Sumar Max 5cm x 5cm 95p
10cm x 10cm161p
10cm x 15cm215p
Sumar Spiral
0.5cm x 40cm 157p
5cm x 5cm94p
10cm x 10cm166p
10cm x 15cm223p
10cm x 20cm268p
15cm x 20cm314p
20cm x 20cm428p

Appropriate for a range of low to heavily exuding wounds.

Avoid arterial bleeds or highly vascular wounds, such as fungating wounds.


1. Prescription Pricing Authority, Department of Health. Drug Tariff. London: The Stationery Office, June 2011.

Article Updated: June 2011

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