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Wound Care at Real Nurse

The Drug Tariff:

Making Sense Of

Plus "Alginates - A Gentle Touch"

Bandages on the Drug Tariff

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**Please Note: The Real Nurse Articles on Wound Care & The Drug Tariff are no longer updated; these are 2011 archived versions.

Author: Andrew Heenan RGN RMN BA(Hons)

This article includes all the bandages included in the Drug Tariff [1], listed by approved names. Proprietary names are included for convenience.

Conforming Bandage (Synthetic)

Product SizePrice
Hospiform 6cm x 4m (stretched)  13p
8cm x 4m  16p
10cm x 4m  18p
12cm x 4m  22p

Cotton Conforming Bandage BP 1988

Used for the retention of light dressings; not designed for compression purposes.

Product SizePrice

Easifix Crinx

(Type A) 

5cm x 3.5m  64p
7.5cm x 3.5m  78p
10cm x 3.5m  97p
15cm x 3.5m  132p

Cotton Crêpe Bandage

Product LengthWidthPrice
Hospicrepe 229 4.5m5cm  43p
4.5m7.5cm  59p
4.5m10cm  77p
4.5m15cm  112p
Hospicrepe 239 4.5m5cm 44p
4.5m7.5cm 62p
4.5m10cm 80p
4.5m15cm 117p

Cotton Crêpe Bandage BP 1988

Product SizePrice
Cotton crêpe bandage BP 19887.5cm  293p
10cm  376p

Cotton, Polyamide and Elastane Bandage

Product SizePrice
Hospilite 5cm  35p
7.5cm  48p
10cm  58p
15cm  85p
Neosport 5cm 54p
7.5cm 73p
10cm 91p
15cm 112p
Setocrepe 10cm  113p
Soffcrepe 5cm  65p
7.5cm  92p
10cm 116p
15cm  169p

All bandages 4.5m in length when fully stretched

Cotton Stretch Bandage BP 1988

Hospicrepe 233 5cm 52p
7.5cm 72p
10cm 96p
15cm 136p
PremierBand 5cm 45p
7.5cm 63p
10cm 79p
15cm 118p

All bandages 4.5m in length when fully stretched

Crêpe Bandage BP 1988

Crêpe bandage BP 19885cm  93p
7.5cm  131p
10cm  171p
15cm  248p

All bandages 4.5m in length when fully stretched

Elastic Adhesive Bandage BP


Elastic Adhesive Bandage

(Zinc Oxide Elastic Adhesive Bandage)

5cm  £3.45
7.5cm  £4.99
10cm  £6.64

Where no size is stated, the 7.5cm size is supplied.


Elastomer and Viscose Bandage, Knitted

CliniLite 5cm 44p
 7.5cm 61p
 10cm 80p
 15cm 116p
K-Lite* 4.5m5cm  52p
4.5m7cm  73p
4.5m10cm  95p
4.5m15cm  138p
K-Lite Long5.25m10cm  109p
Knit-Firm* 4.5m5cm 36p
4.5m7cm 51p
4.5m10cm 66p
4.5m15cm 96p
Cliniplus** 8.7m10cm180p
Elset** 6m10cm 246p
6m15cm 266p
8m10cm  314p
Elset S** 12m15cm 527p
K-Plus**8.7m10cm 214p
K-Plus Long10.25m10cm 247p
8.6m10cm 207p

BS compression type 3a, for light compression
Length refers to stretched length in all cases.

High Compression Bandages, Extensible

Used for the application of sustained compression in the treatment of venous insufficiency.

Setopress PECCHE10cm x 3.5m  3.34
Tensopress VECCHE7.5cm x 3m  2.56
10cm x 3m  3.29
Adva-Co Extensible10cm x 3.5m  1.82
K-ThreeCExtensible10cm x 3m £2.66
Surepress Extensible10cm x 3m  3.42

Length refers to unstretched length in all cases.

PECCHE: Polyamide, Elastane and Cotton high compression bandage.

VECCHE: Viscose, Elastane and Cotton high compression bandage.

Polyamide and Cellulose Contour Bandage

Product Size Price
Peha-haft (Cohesive/Latex Free) 2.5cm x 4cm 69p
4cm x 4cm 45p
6cm x 4 cm 53p
8cm x 4cm 63p
10cm x 4 cm 72p
12cm x 4cm 85p
PremierBand 5cm x 4cm 12p
7.5cm x 4cm 14p
10cm x 4cm 17p
15cm x 4cm 25p

Polyamide and Cellulose Contour Bandage, BP 1988

(latex free)
Easifix KontourMollelastSlinkyStayform
  33p28p  29p
44p   35p  
  40p 35p   57p 36p
76p 48p40p 68p40p
  81p 66p   98p 68p

4m stretched length in all cases.

Polyamide and Cellulose Contour Bandage, Knitted BP 1988

For dressing retention.

LengthSize Easifix-K K-BandKnit-Band Knit Fix 
4m   9p      
4m5cm  10p 19p10p12p
4m7cm    24p15p17p
4m 7.5cm 15p      
4m10cm  17p 27p17p17p
4m15cm  30p 47p30p33p

4m stretched length in all cases.

Short Stretch Compression Bandage

For venous leg ulcers and lymphoedema.

Actiban 5m8cm  £3.16
5m10cm £3.40
5m12cm  £4.14
Actico (Cohesive)6m4cm £2.25
6m6cm £2.64
6m8cm £3.03
6m10cm £3.15
6m12cm £4.02
Comprilan 5m6cm £2.55
5m8cm £2.99
5m10cm £3.22
5m12cm £3.92
Rosidal K 5m4cm  £1.79
5m6cm £2.50
5m8cm £2.98
5m10cm  £3.26
10m10cm  £5.67
5m12cm £3.95
Silkolan 5m8cm £3.00
5m10cm £3.39

Sub-Compression Wadding Bandage

Advasoft 10cm3.5m37p
Cellona Undercast Padding 5cm2.75cm29p
7.5cm2.75m 36p
10cm2.75m 44p
15cm2.75m 57p
Flexi-Ban 10cm3.5m 47p
K-Soft 10cm3.5m 43p
K-Soft Long10cm4.5m 53p
Ortho-Band Plus 10cm3.5m37p
Profore #1 (100% natural fleece) 10cm3.5m 66p
Softexe 10cm3.5m  60p
SurePress Absorbent Padding10cm3.m56p
Ultra Soft Wadding Bandage10cm3.5m39p
Velband Absorbent Padding Bandage10cm4.5m 68p

Cotton Suspensory Bandage


Type 1:
Cotton net bag with draw tapes
and webbing waistband

Small £1.62
Medium £1.62
Large £1.62
Ex-large £1.71
Type 2:
Cotton net bag with elastic edge
and webbing waistband
Small £1.79
Medium £1.84
Large £1.91
Ex-large £1.98
Type 3:
Cotton net bag with elastic edge and
webbing waistband with
insertion of elastic centre-front
Small £1.93
Medium £1.93
Large £1.93
Ex-large £2.00

Unstretched length in all cases

Zinc Paste Bandages

Zinc paste bandage BP
Product SizePrice
Viscopaste PB7 (10%)7.5cm x 6m  3.44

Zinc paste and ichthammol bandage BP
Product SizePrice
Ichthopaste (6/2%) 7.5cm x 6m  3.47


1. Prescription Pricing Authority, Department of Health. Drug Tariff. London: The Stationery Office, June 2011.

Article Updated: June 2011

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